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The Internet seed

Is it real, is it true.
Do we pretend?
What do we say to you?
It’s never an end

Are they true friends?
Do we really know?
Maybe just a trend
Only time will show

Live our life on
Bring our life forward
Let the light be shown
We need to go onward

We talk, we chat
Do we know what is real?
This is life on the net
It’s how we feel

Can we trust what we see?
Do we trust what we read?
Let us all be free
To be free from the Internet seed.

A Better day

We all wish for a better day
You told me it was good
Keep the bad thing at bay
I believe it could

A better day for us all
Think of the sad times
We don’t need to be small
Don’t think of all the grime

These don’t need to be bad
Lets all grow to be tall
Is this why we all sad
We don’t want to fall

To live our life has we should
This can be a better day
As I know it should
For all a better day

To feel the summer breeze
We feel it in our hair
See the autumn leaves
These things we can share

This is a better day
A better day
For us all!

In the breeze
In the breeze
feel the wind in our hair
we feel it in the trees
feel the love that we share

We feel it everywhere
With my love
With my love
Its everywhere

Just to me
I can share
You know only this
Only this I can bare

With this life I care
Lets feel the wind
let us blow it all away
we blow it all away

We all care!

To see the lord
To see the lord
Do we need to be apart
So far all this way
Where do we start?

To be as one
In our lords eye
Where it all begun
Let us not be shy

We come to him
Just to be free
And to look upon him
In his eye we will see

As one to be true
We turn to him
To our lord we look
And we show him

In his love you know
In our love we know him
To love our lord Jesus
The true savour forever

The one and only lord Jesus

My Friend
Through thick and thin
What have we have seen
Through troubles and perils
Together we have been

And what have we have seen
Together we fight
For us all to see what can ream
With one thing in site

We have had good times
Some have been bad
We always get the same rhyme
Never lets hope to be sad

Un-yet all through this
We are still friends
And yes this true bliss
We hope this never ends

Trust in me
So bad have I been
Could I be trusted
So sad it would seem
So many times been busted

Oh how I broke the one I love
Why is this so, to be so cruel
To hurt and shove
Does it show who rules

To see the pain in your loved ones face
Just the sorrow you may cause
See the hurt in your embrace
Why is this, there’s no excuse

What must we do to make things right
To do you the right thing all the time!
Should we walk away, or make it bright
Make it right not do the crime

Show your love not hate
Let them know your love for ever
Make them know there your mate
Always be the one to savour

I know it is hard to get that trust
All we can do is try our best
Show that person you are the one
Just not forget the rest

One day I will prove to you
Just give me one more go
I am the one who will be true
I know for sure that I will show

My True Love
I look into your eyes, and your face
I see beauty to behold
To me this is what I want to embrace
Always I will forever hold

Each morning I wake up
Just to know you are still there
To be by my side
Together and share

We try to take things slow
Lets not rush, let’s not hush
We sure don’t want to row
don’t want to hide behind a bush

Bring it out, let it go
Just knowing my love is for you
Make sure you let it show
All I know this is true

I truly love you!
Not ever want to be without
I am sure I would be blue
To the world I would shout

Do we believe in love?
What is love, do we know
Do we really care!
Sometimes we have to be shown
In this life are we aware

I have loved and lost
So many dreams
To many I have passed
To many it would seem

When love is dead
It’s hard to revive
When love is good
We will survive

Now I found my true love
We are together
And always will be
For now and forever

This can be for you
Treat this lady always true
Be sure you love her
Walk the line never be blue

She will be the one
Now and forever
Or at least she will be gone
She is the one you must savour

The life we live.
Life is to short, we forget
We live the dream
We get what we get
This is how it would seem

We live and dream
This is the life we have
We make the best we can
We do our best to save

To live this life
Be true to one another
Be rid of the strife
Treat all as your brother

Do the best you can
Treat each other as you would
Do we really need to be ran
Like we really should

Do we want to run away?
Be brave live your life
Should you really stay?
This is your life!

The lord is with us.
Our lord Jesus Christ is with us
Even though we don’t see him
He is with us always
He leads us in the right direction

We walk the path to him
Always and forever
To be with him, to walk with him
We live in his life

We have him in our life
All we pray is he stays with us
And we will stay with him
My lord Jesus we love you

In the frost
These people in the frost
In the cold and emboss

With you I am lost
The shadow all forlorn
If this must be I will be alone

I run in to the shadows of darkness to be on my own!
and still I am alone. so sad I am

Where have you all gone, I am so lonely
one day together, together all as one

In one gods breath we become
never ever be alone!
be as one for our own

Me and you
With me and you it has to be
from this torment that is here
are we ever meant to be free
we fight and fight until one is hurt

I just wonder when it will stop
we live apart, although together
I always wanted us to be on top
I am sure that will be never

In this world I dream of you
for me you are my love true
in this world you’re the one
and forever I will be blue

What has this life become
a life of shame for all
I try to live the life as some
let’s get it together before we fall

Beautiful this morning
You are so beautiful this morning
Has I saw you in my dream.
A dream I dream so often
Of a place I’ve never been.

A place where my Love has yet been found
With a face as pure and sweet
As the one I see you often in my dream
I always know I want to keep.

My sweet Love Close to be
You played a  song within my heart
As the morning came down on to me
To give this day it’s start.

And the day will come to pull me down
Has my dream will slowly fade.
But I will cling with all my strength
To the sweet memory that was made.

I’ve seen your very peaks
and the sunset’s amber glow
I’ve seen all the flowers in the fields
With colours of a rainbow

I’ve felt the work of your fair hands
In places far and near
But the vision that takes my breath away
Is this face I hold so dear.

I always see you in my sleep
In a dream I dare to dream.
A dream that keeps on calling me
To a place I have to be.

I may never venture to this place
Where I linger in my sleep
I may never touch this dream of mine
That would make my life so sweet.

But I smile as I go along my way
With contentment and delight,
Knowing well where my dreams will take me
When I fall asleep tonight.

When I fall asleep in my dreams you will be
Always and forever next to me

Here to try us

Life is here to try us
There is no looking back
Think of good times, not bad!
All we can do is keep on track

These things that make us sad
This life is here to test us
When we test each other each day
When we should be glad

Only one that can make it right
With one you love that is true
You have to put it in your sight
Lets not all be so blue

We fight with our life everyday
Thing come along we cannot win
All we do is hope and pray
Only to say it’s just a begin

Not the end, not the last
Look at each day has a new beginning
Don’t want to become outcast
Then we will sure to be winning

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